Sewer Pipe Locating

sewer pipe line locator

Sewer lines are located for a variety of reasons including:

  • repair a sewer line
  • connect a remodel or an addition
  • check for conflicts with other utility lines
  • determine if a neighbor’s sewer is tied to your pipeline
  • check for inflow and infiltration of ground water
  • find potential dips in the sewer lateral
  • find changes in pipe sizes
  • find lost items in the sewer line

Action Rooter plumbing has years of experience locating the direction, depth, and angle of pipes from 1.5″ to 6″.  Over the years we have transitioned from traditional pipe locating to the latest technology. As a leader in sewer pipe locating, we now carry the most advanced equipment in the world.

Locating where your drain line exits your building or structure is very important if a repair is anticipated or necessary. Action Rooter plumbing 

In order to prevent accidents, it’s required by law that you notify the local utility companies of possible conflicts to the repair of customer sewer lines. Action Rooter plumbing will work closely with the local utility companies on your behalf to ensure that underground sewer pipes are properly located prior to any excavation or repair projects.

If you are planning a construction project on your property, we can help you quickly and efficiently locate the sewer pipes and confirm that there are no buried utilities. This will ensure that you avoid any potential accidents before the start of your project.