Sewer Inspection – Scoping and Televising

Sewer inspection is the process of determining the condition of a property’s sewer line. The process includes inserting a small video camera into the sewer to determine the condition, size, transitions, turns, depth, composition, and, of course, defects of the pipe line.

Sewer Scope Inspection Process

Sewer scope inspection process involves:

  1. Inserting a camera into the sewer line
  2. locating the defects and problem areas
  3. Analyzing the sewer line condition

Once the sewer scoping inspection is complete, we will provide you with a report including our analysis along with a copy of the video of the inspection. In case problems are detected in your sewer line, we will be able to provide you repair or replacement proposal after consulting with the local utility companies.

Sewer line inspection is a standard procedure for determining the condition of a property prior to the purchase. It can be typically done as little as 30 to 90 min depending on the condition of the house and sewer line.