Clean-out Installment

2 Way Cleanout Tee cleanout installmentClean-out installment is the process of installing a fitting in a drain system that allows you to inspect or clean a pipe. When a blockage arises, quick access can be critical to prevent overflow. Sewer clean-outs provide access points to the drain line allowing the plumber to effectively identify the source of blockage and initiate the cleaning process.

Having the proper clean-out installed is extremely important. If installed incorrectly, it can worsen the problem. Action Rooter Plumbing has all the equipment, knowledge, and experience to install a variety of clean-outs in the drain systems. There are multiple possible clean-outs that can be installed but we will install the correct clean-out for your house or business.

What is a sewer clean-out?

A sewer clean-out is a capped pipe which provides access to a sewer line. This fitting allows plumbers to clean out blockages in the sewer line. Sewer clean-outs are usually located along the lateral sewer line, which connects a home’s drain to the city sewer line.

Every house needs a clean-out where the drain leaves the house to the city main sewer line. In some cases, you may need to install 2 or 3 clean-outs. Generally, clean-outs are not to be more than 100 feet apart from each other. In a kitchen line it’s very important to have a 2 inch clean out because kitchen lines are known to need cleaning more frequently than any other drains in the house.